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About ChinaWire

www.echinawire.com and the ChinaWire Wechat official account were created by Dynamic Academic International Consultant Ltd. Beijing in June, 2014. We continue to grow rapidly through the WeChat social media platform that many foreigners rely on when living in China . We will soon have 100,000 followers on our Wechat official account "ChinaWire".  We are a totally free service with the aim to introduce all of the things in and outside of China and to provide help to foreigners who live in China . We provide Chinese News, travel, jobs, food, Chinese Laws, and Chinese culture for people who want to know more about China . ChinaWire also helps foreigners learn survival Mandarin, popular Chinese slang, idioms and internet phrases etc. You can download our interesting slang and survival mandarin audios by hitting "Study Chinese" section on www.echinawire.com  
If you have any news, cultural articles or business opportunities, please email us at
482363050@qq.com  or call us at 4008788152 and we will contact you shortly.
All the best.