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Julia's Olive Oil Castile soap
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Julia's Olive Oil Castile soap
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  • Sales time:2016-11-26
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75 rmb, 120 g. 100% natural handmade soap. This is silky Castile soap so wonderfully nice for the skin, especially for sensitive type. Castile soap is very gentle and suitable even for kids. It has soft nice lather and creamy foam. Castile soap is known for centuries, it's one of the oldest types of soap and most lovable. It contains only natural ingredients and there is no artificial colorants or fragrances. The soap is handcrafted with 90% Olive Oil and 10% coconut oil. Perfect to wash your face, hands and body. You will notice that it leaves your skin smooth and moisturized. This soap is suitable for all skin types, but especially good for those with sensitive skin. Also makes a great baby soap as it’s very gentle and soft to the skin. .Olive Oil needs no introduction. Effectively used for thousands of years in beauty recipes for skin care and nourishment, it's  rich in antioxidants, vitamins A, E & K providing protection against sun and environmental pollution. Olive oil in this soap offers extremely rich moisture as it penetrates deeply, allowing the skin to breathe without clogging the pores. Especially beneficial for dry or sensitive skin types."

75 元,120 克。柔滑的橄榄皂能让您的皮肤如此精彩美丽,尤其是对敏感的肌肤类型。橄榄皂非常温和,甚至适合于孩子。它具有柔软的泡沫和奶油状泡沫。橄榄皂是公知的了几个世纪最老的肥皂类型和最被通用的之一。它仅包含天然成分,没有人工色素或香料。肥皂是手工制作用90%橄榄油和10%椰子油。能完美的清洗你的脸,手和身体。你用了后会发现,它让你的皮肤光滑,滋润。这块肥皂适合所有皮肤类型,但对于那些敏感的皮肤更好。也是一个伟大的婴儿皂,因为它会非常温柔地保护您的皮肤。橄榄油不需要介绍。它是一个被有效地使用了数千年的皮肤美容护理品和滋养品。含有丰富的抗氧化剂,维生素A,E&K能对抗自由基,提供阳光和污染环境的保护,同时提供了极为丰富的水分,因为它能深深地渗透,让肌肤不会堵塞毛孔呼吸。特别是干性或敏感性皮肤类型。


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